Bridges infrastructure

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INTEGCprovides relevant assistance in the development of bridge infrastructure (bridges, viaducts, gutters, buzzards) which are responses to potential sources of traffic disruption on the road network.

INTEGC carries out partial or complete supervising missions and various expertise studies on construction/extension/rehabilitation/maintenance projects of civil, socio-educational and collective facilities and thus provides a response adapted to the needs of public contracting authorities

The company's activity includes several potential study missions, such as :

  • Diagnostic studies;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Preliminary design;
  • Final design;
  • Preparing Contractors Shortlist File

Subsequently, INTEGC carries out, if necessary, the quality control of the corresponding works to be performed by providing the following services:

  • Project compliance review and endorsement of the working design (EXE);
  • Supervision of the execution of the construction works contract (DET);
  • Scheduling, steering and control (OPC);
  • Assistance during delivery operations and during the guarantee period (AOR);

As well as various expert appraisals.