1. INTEGC, Technical Engineering Office (B.E.T), was created on June 24, 2000, in Yaounde, in the REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON - CENTRAL AFRICA, under the legal form of an establishment, and provides services of engineering and quality control of road and VRD works (roads and miscellaneous networks).

  2. On the occasion of the National Competition for Young Entrepreneurs on January 23, 2003, INTEGC represented by its manager Mr. NKONO Eric Flavien, received an award from the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon granted by the Organizing Committee of the Business Creation Fairs.

  3. INTEGC (Establishment) changes its legal status and becomes INTEGC Ltd (Limited Liability Company) with a share capital of one million (1,000,000) CFA Francs, with the same activities.

  4. INTEGC LLC increases the said capital to twenty-five million (25, 000, 000) CFA Francs, with the significant increase in the volume of design and quality control services for road works and VRD, and diversifies its activities in new fields: Architecture, Urbanism and Building.

  5. INTEGC SARL capitalise sa trajectoire ascendante en élevant à nouveau son capital à trois cent millions (300 000 000) de Francs CFA et en variant davantage ses activités par l’incorporation d’autres domaines : Autoroute, Infrastructures agricoles, Eau et Énergie.

  6. INTEGC LLC moves into the premises of its very first owned head office in Yaounde, in the MBALLA I - Dragage neighbourhood, which comprises a 7-storey building (SS + Parking + Ground Floor + Mezzanine + 4 Floors) and another 5-storey building (Ground Floor + 4 Floors).

  7. INTEGC LLC changes its tax situation from a taxpayer of the Specialised Taxation Centre (CSIPLI) to a taxpayer of the Directorate of Large Corporations (DGE).