Vision and Core Values


INTEGC is committed to excellence in order to eventually become one of the best engineering companies in Africa first and then in the world. In this respect, its slogan “Expertise from start to delivery” embodies moral, ethical, deontological and managerial values and principles, the respect of technical standards and risk minimization in construction.

In this perspective, INTEGC’s employees are bound to observe eight (8) values and principles in the performance of their various analysis, control and expertise missions.


Probity is required from INTEGC staff both within and outside the scope of the assignments entrusted by the client. This is expressed by the strict observance of moral rules and principles of justice.
INTEGC carries out its missions regardless of any particular economic and/or commercial interest. It thus delivers the results obtained and its recommendations with complete impartiality and objectivity. It promotes rigour and neutrality, being equidistant from the client and the companies and thus favouring the progress and payment of the services performed.
INTEGC is committed to responding to the end-user’s civic concern by contributing to the improvement of living spaces and their environment, in full awareness of the commitment of its reputation. It treats all its clients in strict compliance with the principle of fairness, ensuring consistency between the cost and content of its services with concern for their accessibility within the framework of a reasoned economic model.
INTEGC ensures the transparency and traceability of its scientific and technical sources, the quality of its scientific and technical knowledge, the clarity of its methods, the rigour of its reasoning, the neutrality, clarity and transparency of its procedures.
Externally, INTEGC advocates the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge for debate, dialogue and the promotion of innovation in the construction industry. Internally, INTEGC organizes a “hybridization” of knowledge so that each expert becomes an enlightened expert capable of leveraging other skills to provide a comprehensive analysis. In this respect, it closely observes the obligation of reserve, confidentiality, intellectual property rights and contractual requirements.
In the exercise of its missions, INTEGC’s concern is the end user and, in the event of major risks, INTEGC has a right to alert on issues of safety, public health and the environment. Thus, the stakeholders concerned are notified of factors that could obviously affect the safety and security of the population and the quality of constructions.
INTEGC’s stances are dictated by scientific and technical considerations based on the state of the art, scientific and technical knowledge and taking into account the environmental, economic and social contexts of construction stakes. To this end, it deploys adequate human, material and technical resources to maintain the scientific and technical quality that enhances its reputation.
Compliance with good practice and technical standards has contributed to the maintenance of INTEGC's upward growth trajectory during its eighteen-year existence and it can boast of being the depositary of the first and second part certifications to be concluded with the third-party certification (ISO 9001/2015, ISO 14001/2015 and ISO 45001/2018).